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Spa Interview

It seems almost every upscale property that does not have a spa is adding one. What characteristics and treatments will distinguish the spa of the next few years. Bijan C. Bayne spoke with Darlene Davison, Spa Director of the Don Cesar Beach Resort & Spa in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Bayne: Ms. Davison, where is the hotel spa industry headed?

Davison: In the next few years, pampering spas will continue their merge into wellness centers. With society having so little time and so much stress, they will be seeking new ways to incorporate their health care into their vacations and vice versa. Spas will be competing for healthcare dollars that aging baby boomers are ready to spend on anti-aging treatments. Another focus will be on the fact people are retiring much older (even social security retirement age has changed) and need to compete in a young work force, so anti-aging treatments will be the key for that whole age group. Our competition will be coming from doctors, who are becoming discouraged with the HMO’s. They’re opening their own medical spas, which will be the wave of the future. So my approach, in a resort atmosphere is that I can have a two-fold agenda. We can pamper and schmooze and leave the guest with an overall feeling of wellness.
We’re doing microdermibrasion and endermology. Endermology is an incredible machine process that takes away all the cellulite and extra added fat cells. People have these procedures in packages of 10 treatments. When they reach their desired level, then it’s a question of maintenance. That type of treatment is an example of the long term commitments baby boomers will be making.
A broader service menu will be needed in order to incorporate wellness modalities and alternative therapies. Spa directors will be coordinating lecture/educational activities, health/wellness programs. Spa treatments and programs (including anti-aging and stress reduction), exercising/fitness programs, nutrition and weight reduction programs, and developing total treatment programs for guests whose goal is to go home wiser and healthier as a result of their vacation or business trip
Nutrition is really a key important factor in this. I just interviewed a doctor who is a nutritionist, a personal trainer, a sports director, and a lifestyle therapist much like "Dr. Phil". He will conduct seminars of lifestyle change, wellness seminars.
When guests come in on the fly, they want to do things they don’t have time for at home. There are the personal training sessions, nutrition sessions, energy balance massages, treatments to balance the chakras. We will be able to provide both long and short term care. This is what baby boomers are asking for. We just had a 41-year old guest who’s pregnant, and we’re seeing this more often. People are getting their careers all set before they start their families.
My job focus is to research new techniques, and to personalize these treatments. To broaden our service menu, we add alternative therapies. We coordinate seminars for our guests, allow them to have wellness sessions with a doctor.

Bayne: Where will spa directors find novel ideas?

Davison: It’s an education. I will have to study more international cultures, because their wellness and beauty treatments are far ahead of ours.

Bayne: Is that because some of their treatments are impractical for your market?

Davison: No, we’re not privvy to it. My job is to do some study with other spa directors who may have traveled to Europe or Asian countries. I belong to ISPA, a national organization of spa directors and owners. It’s a phenomenal networking organization. We bounce ideas off each other. The association is having a a four day seminar soon, which I’ll be attending, with 60 other spa directors. A large focus will be on versatile, well-trained technicians versed in a variety of modalities. A cross-trained tech will be of great value to any spa (i.e. a massage therapist will need to know reflexology, energy balancing, stress reduction techniques, just to start and then add cranial- sacral, aromatherapy and many other modalities). More and more therapists are getting aestheticians’ licenses. Spa directors will be coordinating services from a number of different venues-massage therapists, aestheticians, exercise/fitness personnel, doctors, chiropractors, alternative health practitioners, and nutrition experts
You must also be sure that the treatments are indigenous to your area. I have a signature line of indigenous products. For us its mimosa, which is orange and jasmine, and we’re working with our manufacturer on that. We have the same manufacturer as the Spa at the Hotel Hershey (Pa..), where of course they’re known for their chocolate scrubs. What I do with the manufacturer is go over lots of things. I also bounce ideas off my staff. But the foreign spas are light years ahead. Once I had three therapists all set to go to Beijing and be trained in all these different modalities. Well, 9-11 occurred while they were in Europe en route to China, and they were afraid to go on, so they came home.

Bayne: Was the trip sponsored by the hotel?

Davison: They went on their own. The hotel does pay for some continuing education. Bio-energy balancing is another modality you don’t here much of yet. At the Don I have added an aromatherapy bio-energy balancing treatment and it’s becoming one of my best treatments. Our guests love it and they can’t believe how they feel afterwards.

Bayne: What do you envision in the future of spa restaurants and juice bars?

Davison: Juice bars are a wonderful added amenity. I think they work best when they encourage social interaction. The menu is important though. Pina coladas are definitely out, and ginseng shots, protein boosters and green tea are in. Oxygen bars are fabulous. We’ll have an oxygen station in the waiting area of our lounge. They’re becoming a necessity. Unfortunately, with what has happened to the ozone layer, our oxygen is depleted. The earth is being starved of oxygen. In some parts of this country oxygen levels are only seven percent of what they should be. People are looking for nutritional balance, not pina coladas. Guests are so much more educated now.

Bayne: Does the fact that people are more aware help the industry ?

Davison: Absolutely. That’s why I’m focusing on the wellness end. We get lots of calls about heatlth and treatment. People sit down and talk with us for an hour. Our therapists, thank God, are so into naturopathic wellness, they preach it. We sell a solar soother that is so effective, after one treatment, one sees a difference in one’s skin. We are in a very sunny region, and over the years the elasticity of the skin breaks down.

Bayne: Who developed the product?

Davison: The soother was developed by FloriSpa.

Bayne: Will your recruitment strategies change?

Davison: Big time! It’s definitely going to change. My therapists have to be a lot more educated, sophisticated and cross-trained. They’ll have to know a lot of different modalities. The ideal stiuation for me would be to have a therapist with all kinds of certifications in lots of different modalities. They’d be well-trained in skin and body treatments. Therapists are getting dual licenses now. As to hiring issues, we are seeking higher levels of expertise!! It’s no longer a "rub-em and scrub-em" world. Our technicians train several times a year with different industry experts and once a month in-house mandatory training is done. Our clientele is upscale, savvy and well- educated, so we must have the most up-to-date information. This training works as an intensive staff bonding opportunity, which adds cohesion to the team while it improves everyone’s skill level. Education is key to keeping your staff motivated and ready for any challenge you have. Product manufacturers should not be the educating force in our industry, but up until now, there were few alternatives. Thankfully, I have had good experience with our manufacturer as far as education, but well trained technicians are far and few between. Most directors have taken over the education role, as they are better equipped to train their staff, update the service menu and standardize their treatment protocols, rather than relying on a manufacturer who’s trying to improve on his own bottom line. Skin care and body treatment go hand-in-hand. It makes the guest feel more comfortable when the same person can do skin care, body wraps, and scrubs. There’s then no need to change rooms and such.

Bayne: What is the future of spa decour?

Davison: That is determined by the property. Our design will be consistent with the historic theme of the Don Cesar, with marble and so on. We won’t have glass and chrome, for example, because of the look of our property. There’s a new therapy called Amma therapy, that’s a push and pull therapy. It’s a form of Asian body work that focuses on restoring balance. It’s done fully-clothed. It manipulates the muscles and stimulates the energy pathways. I’ve been doing it a year. It’s like accupunture with essential oils. When we introduced it, our therapists literally felt like they were floating. Amma therapy balances out the chakras and energy meridians. Imbalance produces headaches. I carry all my stress between my shoulders. When your meridians are all balanced out, your blood flows more easily. In a nutshell, the wave of the future will be baby boomers trying to stay healthier longer in the workforce.

Bayne: Thank you for your insights Ms. Davison.

Davison: Thank you.

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