Wednesday, August 11, 2004


City View

My blog will feature travel notes and tips, as well as "Best of..." lists from my tours and visits. One is featured below:

Smooth Sundays

2734 Erie Ave., Hyde Park
Cincinnati (513) 321-2525
Cover: Free

Share a table and make a friend. On Sundays, both the sounds and the lattes soothe at Awakenings Coffee & Tea Co., Cincinnati's most laid back jazz night. The Bobby Sharp Trio supply the mood- these guys not only sway a beat, they're more laid back than the crowd. The Trio has local favorite Bugsy Brandenburg on guitar, Bobby Sharp's breezy drumming and Bill Jackson on bass. Samba and standards prevail, listeners vary from grungy collegians to preppy boomers. Bright and friendly, Awakenings is a smoke-free spot for a no frills date or a stimulating chat with someone new. Late arrivals find seats too, as the guys groove three sets from 7:45 until 11:00 p.m. Wear what you had on at home, stay just long enough ease the weekend out. A few doors away in Hyde Park Square, grab a cup of ice cream at Graeter's, a city institution.


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